5 Simple Ways Digital Nomads Use AI For Remote Work in 2023

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By Nathan & Mathias Gilson, Founders of GPT for Workspace


If you’re a digital nomad, you’re probably used to being away from society from time to time. But no matter how far under a rock you’ve been in the past year, there is no way you missed out on the surge of AI tools, like ChatGPT. AI tools such as GPT for Workspace are changing the way we work. While some people fear being replaced, other entrepreneurs see this as an opportunity. And if you ask us, the latter are the ones that will come out on top in the end. When new technologies appear, there are always people that resist change and people that embrace it. George Bernard Shaw said it best:

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”


But with the sheer number of possibilities, comes a level of analysis paralysis. It can be difficult to see the forest for the trees. That’s why we created a guide to take you through 5 ways digital nomads are using AI to save time and make money. In it, we’ll tell you how you can use AI-tools as a digital nomad to:

  1. Automate repetitive tasks

  2. Optimize your communication

  3. Streamline remote collaboration

  4. Improve your learning

  5. Turbocharge your productivity

#1 Automate repetitive tasks

Let’s face it. If you’re working remote as a digital nomad, it might be a bit out of budget to fly your assistant with you everywhere you go. But with an AI-powered virtual assistant, you can do just that. AI-powered virtual assistants are software applications that use artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to perform help you work better, faster and more accurately. These virtual assistants are designed to understand natural language and interact with users by having conversations with them. 

Digital nomads are a bit of a one-person team, juggling many tasks at once. Planning meetings, doing your accounting and staying on track with your deadlines. These are just a few of the tasks that pile up while you’re traveling the world. But with an AI assistant, all these chores can be largely automated. 

Apart from helping with the business side of things, they can also help with the nomad side of things. Booking accommodations or finding fun things to do becomes a breeze when your AI assistant is there to help you out. And it doesn’t have to stop there. AI assistants can create an entire travel itinerary for you, taking into your unique needs as a digital nomad into consideration. No expensive travel agency or hours of research required!

#2 Optimize your communication

When you run an e-commerce business, you can’t remain a stranger to customer service. Orders get delayed, logistical challenges pop up, and sometimes products malfunction. All of these things mean your customers will want to contact you for ideas on how to address the problem. But if you’re half the world away, you might be looking for other solutions than setting an alarm at 3 AM to chat with your customers. On the other hand, you don’t want to lose customers to competitors with faster response times.

This is where AI-powered chatbots can offer a helping hand. By integrating chatbots into your website, messaging apps, or customer support systems, you can offer instant and personalized assistance to your clients, regardless of time zones or location. These chatbots can understand and interpret user queries, maintain context, and generate appropriate responses. Instead of emailing back 2–3 days after the inquiry, you can offer 24/7 assistance. This sets you apart from the competition by helping you deliver exceptional service around the clock.

#3 Streamline remote collaboration

If you’re a digital nomad that does everything by themselves, you don’t need collaboration tools. But for anybody who needs to work together with other people, being a digital nomad poses some challenges. To state the obvious, you’re probably not going to be in the same location as your coworker. But often, you’re not even in the same timezone. And if you’re working together in a larger group than 2, things can get very complex soon. 

Before AI, this complexity would have to be handled by the team themselves. Now, those days are over. Instead, automated file organization, intelligent search and AI-assisted scheduling of meetings are now just a few of the features that give you the edge. Taking away one of the biggest drawbacks of remote work enables you to tap into the advantages. Instead of being limited to working with people in your direct vicinity, you can collaborate with talent from all over the world. Now that’s what we call having options!

#4 Boost your learning

Continuously developing your skills is essential if you want to stay relevant. And reading this blog is a good first step. It should come as no surprise that AI learning tools have become more and more popular with remote workers across the globe. Thanks to AI, finding the right resources for your skill set becomes easy, saving you countless hours that you can use on more important tasks.

AI-based learning platforms offer features like intelligent content recommendations, skill assessments, and progress tracking. Take Duolingo or Khan Academy, two leading education platforms that jumped onto the AI-train as soon as it pulled up. Because of these choices, they continue to be the leaders in their field. 

 As a digital nomad, you can access these platforms from anywhere, at any time, allowing you to learn at your pace and tailor your learning journey to your specific needs. So if you are eager to learn efficiently, AI-tools could be the boost you’re looking for.

#5 Turbocharge your productivity 

Maybe one of the best ways that you can use AI, is to produce more work in a shorter amount of time. Simply put, the more work you can do, the more income you get. And the more income you get, the faster you can grow. By automating your processes with AI, you can do the work of 10 people who work manually. And that helps you grow 10x faster than the competition.

AI tools such as Workspace for GPT help you bring your ideas to life. Before AI, coming up with even 10 headlines for an email campaign could take hours. Now, you can have rows upon rows of content within seconds. Here is an example where we used Workspace for GPT to do exactly that.


Generating Headlines with GPT workspace


Or try making a slide deck in seconds to wow your customers. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Ideating, writing, proofreading and summarizing content into AI-designed slides saves you hours of work. So it comes as no surprise that digital nomads over the world are using AI-tools to work more efficiently from remote locations.

So in conclusion, AI tools can revolutionize the way digital nomads work in 2023. By automating repetitive tasks, AI-powered virtual assistants allow you to focus on more important work while still staying organized and efficient. AI-powered chatbots optimize communication by providing instant and personalized assistance to customers, regardless of time zones or location. Remote collaboration is streamlined with features like automated file organization and intelligent search, enabling digital nomads to work seamlessly with team members across different locations and time zones. AI-based learning platforms enhance learning experiences by offering personalized content recommendations and progress tracking. And most importantly, AI tools turbocharge productivity by automating processes and enabling digital nomads to accomplish more work in less time. 


Workspace for GPT is the only tool that gives you the power of AI in Google Workspace with no coding knowledge required. And because we know you want to see it for yourself before you spend any money, we’ve made the basic plan completely free to install and use for as long as you want. Try it out here to see your business grow faster than the competition.


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