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Generating content and pictures for a blog post with AI

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One thing is for sure, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has unlocked new realms of possibilities for bloggers and writers. The ongoing transformation is both exciting and revolutionary, but you need to adopt the right approach to harness the full potential of AI. ... Read More

Writing the best prompt: using the right tone

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What is the best prompt?The best prompt is simply the one that helps you get the kind of content you want, whether it’s for creative writing, for an article, a blog, a webpage, a tutorial, etc.Just as the way you speak and your body language influence your interlocutor's per... Read More

Writing the right prompt : the importance of context

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What is the right prompt?The definition of “the right prompt” is very straightforward: the right prompt is the one that allows you to obtain the result that you want. Writing the right prompt : the main parameters to work withAmong the main paramet... Read More

How to generate content for your website using Chat GPT?

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You've heard it before, over and over again. Yes, you have to write great content on Google to have any chance of reaching that coveted first page. The arrival of Chat GPT, however, has had a major impact on content creation practices. What is Google's policy on Chat GPT?... Read More