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The power of GPT-4o & Gemini in Google Sheets with the AI formula =GPT()

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Installation and setup

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GPT cells, powerful and versatile

Generate, edit, summarize, outline.. Unlock the power of GPT in Google Sheets to craft powerful marketing narratives, analyze insights, and accelerate research for your business

Generate lists instantly

Generate, clean and standardise any list or array of data in a couple of seconds

Generate entire tables

GPT for Sheets helps you produce entire tables with custom content

Data analysis in a click

It's never been easier to turn raw data into decisions. Unlock the analysis power of GPT-4 in your spreadsheets

Generate tables & charts

Create or populate entire tables with a single prompt, and watch as GPT Workspace generates charts to make your spreadsheet more engaging

Works with 30+ languages

GPT for Sheets can provide suggestions for human sounding translations in more than 30 languages to match the Google Sheet being worked on.


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