Keeping Your Data Safe at
GPT Workspace

We keep security at the heart of our product, infrastructure, and company policies. Hundreds of organizations trust GPT Workspace to power effective team-wide productivity.

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Trusted by more than 5 million users

Companies, organizations and employees from all over the world trust GPT Workspace

Enterprise-Grade Attestation and Regulatory Compliance

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Use of SOC2 compliant AI models

Your data is never used to train AI models. Read more →

GDPR Compliance

Customers can use our platform in compliance with GDPR. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for additional details.

Protecting your data and privacy

GPT Workspace maintain security standards and procedures to keep your data safe

Data Security

Industry-standard data protection, secure infrastructure, and third-party verification ensures data security across our product ecosystem.

Data Ownership

Your data is yours—we do not, and will not, sell your or your team’s information. We don’t help third parties advertise their products to you.

Features That Enhance Security and Control

Team administration

Administration tools make it easy to add, remove or transfer accounts and to manage team members access within your company

SAML Single Sign-on

SSO allow for access management and enforcement of company-specific controls through integrations with identity providers

Budget Limits

Set budgets limits on the pay as you go feature to manage your spending and those of your employees

Secure Infrastructure

GPT Workspace's infrastructure is built to protect your data according to high industry standards.

Data hosting

GPT Workspace hosts data in Google Cloud Platform data centers in US East and US West regions and ensures continual product availability by using native backup tools. An industry-leading infrastructure provider, GCP is certified as compliant with ISO 27001 and has received a SOC 2 (Type 2) and 3 reports.

Data encryption

GPT Workspace encrypts all data in transit and at rest. Data transfer is protected using the industry-standard TLS 1.2 protocol, while data at rest in Firebase is encrypted using AES-256 server-side encryption. GPT Workspace uses GCP IAM Service for database encryption and secure key management

Cloud platform

All components that process your data operate in GPT Workspace’s private network inside our secure cloud platform, and each GPT Workspace user’s data is isolated from other users’ data. GPT Workspace’s servers and network ports are behind load balancers and a web application firewall.

Third-Party Validation

Automated Perimeter Testing

All assets in scope are continuously monitored using the GCP Security Command Center. Reports are available upon request.

Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

We welcome all external arbitrary security researchers to disclose vulnerabilites in a responsible manner through our Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

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