How to Use ChatGPT for Gmail

gpt space being used to power gmail

Originality with repetition is a tough nut to crack, but sometimes there’s a task that needs to be done repeatedly, but differently each time. For example, you need to send out regular email reminders but want each one to sound fresh. And then you need to do it again - but in Spanish. This is where AI can come to your rescue.

GPT for Gmail is part of the GPT Workspace suite of tools that adds AI capabilities to Google Sheets, Docs, Slides, and Gmail.

What is GPT for Gmail?

GPT for Gmail is a Google add-on, designed to use AI to write more compelling emails that get your message across and keep them sounding fresh. Its multiple uses include sending out mass communications to team members and customers or writing multiple marketing mailshots and invitations.


For example, if you’re in charge of lead generation for your organization, it’s your job to come up with new, targeted ways to persuade people to try your products. Your prompt might say “write an email to tell people that we’ve just released an update to our accounting software, and it now integrates with Quickbooks”.

Now tell it to target the CFOs of medium-sized companies in the Midwest and you’ll get content aimed at that demographic. 

Who’s it for?

  • CMOs in need of an inbound & outbound email campaign tool to contact prospects and potential new clients.

  • Teachers, universities, and education establishments who want to send feedback to their students at the end of the week, month, or semester, or with exam and test results.

  • Associations, NGOs & clubs pitching for new applicants, to promote a contest, a callout for projects, or to interact with their database of members.

  • Businesses and professionals of all kinds and sizes, looking for ways to get in touch with a cold email list of potential clients

  • And anyone who needs to deliver email content to a wide and varied audience

Why GPT for Gmail is Important?

Write professional-looking emails

The whole purpose of AI is to come up with new ideas that you might not have thought of yourself. AI does this by accessing a vast network of data, searching it for solutions to questions like yours using what’s called a neural network. It then applies the solutions it finds to your example. 

Because it has access to so many examples, the AI can simulate human-like responses and phrasing and come up with original-sounding text that conveys your message for you. This helps to increase the chances of getting a positive response and can improve overall communication with leads, clients, and partners.

Save time and effort

With the help of GPT, sending emails becomes almost trivial. Emails can be drafted in seconds, which can be especially helpful for email marketers, where the volume of emails sent really counts. And, as you can tweak a variety of settings, you’ll be able to create emails which are personalized properly for every one of your email recipients, which means a higher chance at conversions. 

It’s not only beneficial for email marketers, however. Anyone can benefit from GPT for Gmail. By automating your email processes, you can focus your priorities elsewhere.

How to use GPT for Gmail?

Is GPT for Gmail difficult to use? No, just follow these three simple steps to get started:


Step 1: Install the addon


You can install GPT for Gmail from the Google Workspace Marketplace, simply by clicking on the "Install" button.

Step 2: Start a new email


In Gmail, start writing an email. In the bottom right-hand corner, click on the GPT for Gmail icon to bring up the assistant window.

Step 3: Write a prompt


Give the assistant context for the email by writing a prompt. “Write an email reminding all our swim club members that the pool opening times are changing around the Thanksgiving holiday period”, for example. Select the tone that is most appropriate for your situation.

Step 4: Refine your prompt


Click the “Improve” button and give GPT for Gmail further contextual information to hone in on exactly the right response or to write different emails on the same subject, but targeted for different groups.

GPT Workspace

GPT for Gmail is just one part of GPT Workspace. You can use Workspace to generate content, lists and arrays, blogs, speeches in Sheets or Docs, and even pitch decks with images in Google Slides.