Google Bard and Duet AI: How Europe and Canada can Use the Power of AI in Google Workspace Now

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Google Bard, along with Duet AI, have been making waves in the tech world. Announced by Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, Bard expanded its coverage to 180 countries and currently supports three languages: English, Korean, and Japanese. Duet AI, another promising AI tool, also offers impressive capabilities. However, if you're in the EU or Canada, you might feel left out as Bard and Duet AI are not available in these regions due to GDPR rules.

The Challenge: GDPR Regulations and AI Tools

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is designed to protect the privacy of EU citizens. The rules under this regulation require explicit consent from users for data collection and use, and offer the right to know how, where, and for what purpose their data is used. Unfortunately, tools like Google Bard and Duet AI have trouble meeting these requirements due to their data processing and storage practices. As a result, AI tools like Google Bard and Duet AI are not available in the EU and Canada. This has led to an increased demand for an alternative tool that respects data privacy laws and can still offer the benefits of AI technology.

The Solution: GPT Workspace

Enter GPT Workspace, the GDPR-compliant tool that integrates the power of AI into your Google Workspace. Powered by ChatGPT, GPT Workspace offers AI-assisted productivity boosts within the Google Workspace environment. But unlike Google Bard or Duet AI, it's available right now, no matter where you are in the world.

Why Choose GPT Workspace over Google Bard or Duet AI?

Why should GPT Workspace be your alternative to Google Bard or Duet AI? GPT Workspace not only respects data privacy laws but also offers the same, if not better, AI-powered productivity. GPT Workspace offers an array of features across the Google Workspace:

  • GPT in Google Sheets: It can categorize, summarize, classify, clean, and extract data. You can also generate entire arrays and lists.
  • GPT in Google Docs: Use it to generate taglines, blogs, speeches, or improve your document's grammar. It can also recap and rephrase text.
  • GPT in Google Slides: It can generate content, slides, and entire decks with images and detailed descriptions.
  • GPT in Gmail: Understands the context of a conversation and suggests appropriate replies.
  • GPT in Google Drive: Summarize and Run custom prompts on PDFs, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.

The Future of Work is Here

With GPT Workspace, you're not just adapting to the future of work, but you're also respecting data privacy laws. It's the smart choice for anyone who values their privacy and wants to supercharge their productivity.

Embrace the Future of AI in Google Workspace Today

The future of work is here, and it's powered by AI. GPT Workspace is the ideal alternative to Google Bard and Duet AI that respects GDPR regulations while unlocking the benefits of AI in your Google Workspace. Don't wait for the future to come to you, embrace it today with GPT Workspace.


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