How to generate content for your website using Chat GPT?

a phone in a hand opened with chat GPT

You've heard it before, over and over again. Yes, you have to write great content on Google to have any chance of reaching that coveted first page. The arrival of Chat GPT, however, has had a major impact on content creation practices.


What is Google's policy on Chat GPT?

In a post on the Google Search Central blog, Google reminds us that the search engine "Reward high-quality content, however it is produced". In a response on X, Google describes its policy towards AI-generated content.

So, once again, it seems that generated content must be thought out and written for users, regardless of the tool, the how, the why and so on... The end-user is still the main focus.


To use or not to use...

Under these conditions, Chat GPT and other content generators are invaluable tools for boosting productivity and producing more and better content.

Like all great tools, it's best to use them. However, you should not make that tool your new religion: thinking and believing only through it, or outsourcing the most important part of your anatomy: your brain, of course.


What not to do?


  • Mass content

If you generate dozens or even hundreds of pages on a variety of subjects with an almost identical prompt in the hope of garnering a few users in the process... chances are google won't like it.

  • Content with no common thread

Another problem is the creation of unrelated pages or articles with no common thread or structure. Google always appreciates a good internal link between the different elements of your site, and so does your user! Once again, it's the user who, after reading quality content, will decide to click on another element that he or she considers potentially interesting.

  • Content without keywords

Some keyword optimization is expected. Content that covers the main points associated with a search (related products or services, issues, sub-categories, frequent searches for the same theme, etc.) necessarily integrates these keywords.


However, you should be careful not to fall into the trap of "keyword-stuffing".

In case you didn’t get it, their website sells custom cigar humidors… just saying.

Without going that far, the overoptimization of keywords for the search engine and not for the user is sanctioned.

  • Overly generic and boring content

AI-created content tends to be a little generic if you don't use specific prompts. The result is content that's often long, paragraph-heavy and... frankly boring. It's flat, monotonous, lacking a touch of personality or humor, or a part that stands out to attract attention.

In short, if your content is boring, users won't stick around. It's up to you to give the right indications to the AI so that it generates interesting content.


What to do?

If you take the opposite of the above recommendations, you'll end up with interesting, targeted content, integrated into a structured website and answering a specific request. Don't forget to take a step back and make sure your content meets user demand, and isn't boring as hell.


What can GPT Workspace do for you?

GPT Workspace allows you to integrate Chat GPT into your workspace: Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, and Gmail. Within your workspace, you can create content, summarize, produce SEO tags, make cold call on linkedin, etc. You can check our youtube channel to see an overview of some use cases.