How to Extract Data in Google Sheets Using AI

A practical guide using GPT Workspace for Sheets

Problem Statement

Having a lot of data is part of every business, and having to clean it up is never fun. In an ideal world, all data would always be clean, formatted, and ready to use for your data analytics platform, your CRM, or simply to read it. However, this is rarely the case. How many times do you have Google Sheets that look like this:

This is where GPT Workspace comes in handy with its magic =GPT() formula!

Getting Started

Step 1: Open Google Sheets
Launch your Google Sheets document.

Step 2: Install GPT Workspace Add-on
Ensure you have the GPT Workspace add-on installed from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Step 3: Use the Formula
In any cell, type =GPT followed by your query in quotes. For example, =GPT("Extract the email from the cell", A1).