How to get your dream job with the GPT for Workspace AI Tool

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Let’s be honest, getting a job isn’t easy. Well, getting a job might be quite doable, but you would rather not settle for any job. The right job can open up complete lifestyle changes, like working remotely from anywhere or making much more than you’re making now. But with competition higher than it’s ever been, applying for jobs has become a skill on its own. The bad news is that just being qualified is no longer enough to get the job you deserve. But the good news is that, like with many skills, using AI in the right way can give you a massive advantage over the rest. So how are people using GPT for Workspace to land their dream jobs? Well, the possibilities are endless, but some common ways to use AI for your job search are the following:

  • Write the perfect cover letter
  • Tailor your resume
  • Polish your interview skills

Write the perfect cover letter

Cover letters can be a lot of work. But with this short 5-step guide, you’ll write as many as you want within seconds:

  1. Open Google Sheets and GPT for Docs™ Sheets™ Slides™
  2. Copy as many job postings as you want into column A
  3. Write a paragraph with your qualifications, prior education and work experience. Paste it into column B.
  4. Type the following prompt into the cell C1: “=GPT(“Write a cover letter tailored to the following job posting using relevant information about me”,A1:B1)
  5. Drag down to copy the prompt and create as many tailored cover letters as you want in seconds. Watch your ideas come to life.

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There you have it. Try it out for yourself and get the job you deserve. We love hearing success stories. If you land the job of your dreams with GPT for Workspace, email us with your story. We’ll give you a free GPT for Workspace premium subscription for a month, so you can continue rocking it at your new job !

Tailor your resume

Your resume is your first point of contact with a prospective employer. Often, a company will judge your resume to judge your fit for the company. That’s why tailoring your resume to appeal to a specific employer or position isn’t a new practice. Unfortunately, tailoring your resume manually can take a long time. That’s why more and more people are turning to AI to tailor their CV to the job offering they want. But how exactly do you do it? Well, with our 5-step guide, it’s a piece of cake!


  1. Open your CV in either Google Sheets or Docs. For this example, we used Google Docs.
  2. Select the entire document or the parts you aim to change.
  3. Choose the rewrite function.
  4. Write how you intend to tailor your CV in the text box. For instance, try: “I want to be CEO of Google. Rewrite my resume to maximize my chances of getting hired.”
  5. Watch your idea come to life.

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So there you go. Give it a shot and land the job you deserve. We truly enjoy hearing success stories. So email us if you land your dream job with GPT for Workspace. We’ll give you a free month of GPT for Workspace Premium, so you can keep doing what you're doing now at your new job.


Make a popping presentation

You’ve got the first interview, and it’s going well. But now they’re asking you to make a take – home assignment to prove you have what it takes. Unfortunately, this if often the lengthiest part of the interview process. And if you’re interviewing for a few companies at the same time, it can feel like a full workweek’s worth of work. And that’s before you even get paid! That’s why we make it easy for you to create well-designed slide decks in a pinch. Follow our X step guide, and you’ll dazzle your future employer for sure:

  1. Open Google Slides and the GPT for Docs™ Sheets™ Slides™ extension.

  2. Choose the “create slide deck” function.

  3. Type in the topic you want to create a slide deck of. For example: “What is climate change?”.

  4. Choose the number of slides you want and whether you want GPT for workspace to add relevant images. Press “Run”.

  5. Watch your topic come to life with a slide deck generated in seconds.

writing a prompt for job hunting


It’s that simple. Give it a shot and land the job you deserve. We enjoy hearing success stories. So email us if you land your dream job with GPT for Workspace. We’ll give you a free month of GPT for Workspace Premium, so you can keep impressing your colleagues at your new job.

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